Kit Reveal - Leviathan (Now with more animations)

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UNIT NAME: Leviathan
CATEGORIES: Capital Ship, Sith, Sith Empire

Key Attributes:
  • Anti-breach and anti-crit mechanics to help its fleet’s survivability
  • Cripple the enemy Capital Ship by sabotaging its reinforcements
  • Eventually take over the enemy Capital Ship!!


“Designing Leviathan was definitely challenging. Profundity and Executor are the best of the best, so how do we create a Capital Ship that’d surpass them both? Then it became obvious, just take the enemy’s Capital Ship for yourself!”
  • In several moments in the Old Republic games you are on board a ship that is being boarded or doing the boarding yourself. This felt like a great theme to embrace with our Sith Empire-era capital ship.
  • We wanted the feeling that your Darth Revan-led strike teams were making their way through the ship, crippling key areas like the engines and hangars, before finally making their way to the bridge and taking control of the ship.

Strategy Tips:
  • Ferocity is technically a debuff so it works great with TIE Dagger’s Unique Ability
  • B-28 Extinction-class Bomber is great at inflicting debuffs and can keep its allies alive with Taunt
  • Inflicting lots of debuffs is crucial because the earlier you use Special 1 the better (in most cases)

Do self-inflicted Ferocity debuffs count towards activating Special 1?
No, this triggers from other allied Sith ships
Why are both Specials one-use abilities?
Once you have taken over the enemy’s capital ship, you will have their Special abilities to use against themselves.

What are the full requirements for Leviathan?
  • R9 Darth Revan
  • R9 Darth Malak
  • R7 Sith Empire Trooper
  • R7 Sith Trooper
  • R7 Darth Maul
  • R7 HK-47
  • R7 Bastila Shan
  • R5 Sith Assassin
  • R5 50R-T
  • 7* Fury-class Interceptor
  • 7* Mark VI Interceptor
  • 7* TIE Dagger
  • 7* B-28 Extinction-class Bomber
  • 7* Scimitar
  • 7* Sith Fighter
  • 7* Ebon Hawk
(Unlocking the event will require ships at 4*, but in order earn enough shards to unlock Leviathan you will need the ships at 7*.)

Have a question about Leviathan’s Kit? Fill out this form here:
Question Deadline:07/19/2023, 10:59 AM PT

BASIC: Apocalyptic Fusillade

Final Text: Deal Special damage to target enemy and inflict Shock for 2 turns, then all Sith allies gain 1 stack of Ferocity for 2 turns. If target enemy already had Shock, inflict Doubt for 2 turns on 2 random enemies who don't have it. If Seize the Bridge has been used in this encounter, dispel all buffs on target enemy and inflict Fear for 1 turn, which can't be dispelled or resisted.

SPECIAL 1: Sabotage the Hangars (Requires the player to inflict 15 debuffs, one time use)

Final Text: Limit one use per battle. Sith allies gain Critical Hit Immunity and 5 stacks of Ferocity for 2 turns, and target ally recovers 40% Health. Increase the cooldown of Call Reinforcement by 1 on the enemy Capital Ship if they're Light Side, and inflict Capital Ship Sabotaged on all enemies until the end of the encounter, next enemy reinforcement, or Seize the Bridge is used.
Capital Ship Sabotaged: The next allied ship called to Reinforce is immediately destroyed upon deployment
This ability can't be used unless other allied Sith ships inflict 15 debuffs.

Special 2: Sabotage the Engines

Final Text: Limit one use per battle. Reduce the enemy Capital Ship's Speed by 30% for the rest of the encounter and remove 30% Turn Meter, which can't be resisted. Sith allies gain Critical Hit Immunity and 5 stacks of Ferocity for 2 turns, and target Sith ally gains Breach Immunity for 3 turns.

SPECIAL 3: Seize the Bridge (Can only be used if both Special 1 and Special 2 was used, one time use, 5 turn cooldown)

Final Text: Limit one use per battle. Take control of the enemy Capital Ship, reset its cooldowns, and grant it a bonus turn. While controlled, you can't use Call Reinforcement and the cooldown of the Ultimate ability is set to max at the start of each turn. Allies recover 50% Health and have their cooldowns reset, and all enemies are inflicted with Fear for 1 turn, which can't be evaded, dispelled, or resisted. This ability starts on cooldown. The first time Sith allies are inflicted with 50 debuffs, reduce the cooldown by 1.
This ability can't be used unless Destroy the Engines and Sabotage the Hangars were used in the same encounter.

CREW: Wrath of the Sith (Darth Revan)
Final Text: Sith allies gain 15% Max Health. Sith Ships gain Critical Hit Immunity for 1 turn, 1 stack of Ferocity, 1 stack of We Have Returned for 2 turns, and Sith Empire ships gain an additional stack of We Have Returned.
Whenever an enemy is summoned, reduce their Max Health by 50% until the end of the encounter. Enemies attacking out of turn deal 50% less Critical Damage to Attacker Sith allies.
Whenever an enemy's debuff expires, a random Sith ship gains 1 stack of Ferocity for 2 turns (limit once per turn). Mark VI Interceptor gains an additional 10 stacks of Devouring Swarm when starting its first turn after it's deployed.
Whenever an enemy reinforces, inflict Daze on all enemies for 1 turn. Sith ships are immune to Max Health reduction. Reinforcement Bonus: Reinforced Sith ships attacks can't be evaded, they gain 5 stacks of Ferocity, and they ignore Taunt effects until the end of the turn, and Stun target enemy for 1 turn, which can't be resisted when deployed.
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