Kit Reveal - Leviathan (Now with more animations)



  • Now with more googly eyes


    Naaaaawww, who can stay mad at that cutie.

    Any one with kids know that is baby shark.
  • now I'm nervous about my Ebon. They're my only pilots who aren't reliced. Both at G12, gonna drop 6 dot mods on them before event. I can always drop the 2 zetas on T3 if needed. I just feel like I had extra time than I thought and maybe I should have reliced them....oh well. Hopefully Ebon can just be a reinforcement thats not used, because looking at the final suggested power of 70,000 and Ebon is not there yet. I was kinda also hoping the event would be more like Revan and Malak events where its a story. Seems like its going to be just like Profun and fighting other cap ships each tier. Oh well, I guess we'll see
  • TVF
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    Why would you have expected something different than Exec and Prof?
    I need a new message here.
  • TVF wrote: »
    Why would you have expected something different than Exec and Prof?

    Do you mean with respect to event having a storyline? I didn't say I expected it to be different, just that I hoped it would be. Isn't hope the cornerstone of the Star Wars franchise lol
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    Ingame the animation of a small ship flying over to the enemy Cap Ship seems to be playing on Sabotage the Engines and not Sieze the Bridge.
  • TargetEadu
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    Also Mark VI annihilating enemy capital ships, that too.
  • All these excessive animations are lagging the game out and eating away the clock on timed fights! ****????
  • I'm sure this has already been brought up but isn't the Leviathan Malaks ship?
  • I am so **** I put so much effort and money and time to get this ship on day one and it is trash. This makes me so mad.
  • The defensive performance of this ship is way below what you guys claimed before.

    All of those fancy and complicated skills created for Leviathan & Sith ships mean-to-be in sync are just for us to understand and use while attacking but not the bloody ‘AI’ while defending.

    Just fix it, be efficient as you ‘fix’ the Scythe when you found your treasured Executor & Profundity can be easily defeated, even though that stupid hotfix caused no one can survive dark side ship battles of ROTE.
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    Currently, this CS has too many bugs, and I'm not sure they are unintentional.
    1. Revan's unique doesn't work in few cases: in different situations it applies its effects to enemies instead of allies. For example, when enemy's reinforcement is destroyed allies suffer from daze(instead of enemies), enemies constantly dispell Ferocity and both allied and enemy sith can gain Ferocity. Feels like sometimes bonuses from health increase do not apply but I can't really check it.
    2. Fear is dispellable
    3. shock and health immunity and health down are strongly dispellable (almost each time it gots dispelled upon inflicting). Maybe it has something to do with mines
    4. some buffs may just disappear dispite the fact it should be 'locked'
    5. not sure if Ferocity increases damage, its way to small compared to expectations (like +40% for 5 stacks). I don't expect dmg increase on Sith asassin's ship, but red sith trooper's ship should be a 'killer' in some cases
  • @Dak_Arno

    Half your comment aged perfectly. Half...not so much.
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    Half your comment aged perfectly. Half...not so much.

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    Just a thought, but if there are problems with removing "leadership" from enemy CS, than mb its easier to "remove CS" from enemy and add the copy of that ship with allied Malak as Admiral? Malak won't have CS (mb Star Forge) so he can be Admiral on conquered ship that has synergy with Leviathan.
  • Kit Reveal - Leviathan (Now with more animations Bugs)
  • They can’t even fix the animation…Be tired watching Leviathan sending Revan to sabotage the hangar, and Revan appears on bridge all of sudden to seize it.
  • Community QnA response ever going to be published? @CG_Tusken_Meathead
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    While devs are at it, can they help Levi in DS TB? Even if its through special sith boosts?
  • When Dorito assists, it deals sometimes only 1 dmg.. am i the only one? Observed in fights vs executor
  • Reniarku
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    Today tried again to fight vs executor, same result: everytume i use special ability on a ship and Tie Dagger assists - his assist smg deals only 1 dmg (no matter which ship)

    Is it a bug or intentional?
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  • For Leviathan they could have just wrote an instant defeat of the enemy capitol ship and then a summon of that capitol ship in its sabotaged state with the allowed abilities but I think they actually coded to have you taking actions in their instance of their capital ship and that caused all the bugs. This should have been so easy to write with no bugs lol with the same look and feel but none of the unintended issues.
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