Awakened Order is looking for you!

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Hello there! We're currently looking to replace some people who aren't pulling their weight anymore.

About Us

516m GP when full.

36* ROTE, 37 Reva shards.

42+ Reva ready accounts

Clearing the 208m speeder bike box.

We are an old guild and we focus on getting the best rewards possible without micromanaging our members.

No forced farms, no harassment, and no public humiliation. We like to have fun and keep things light.

Leave of Absence channel for when real life gets in the way. Members posting in LoA are immediately excused for any lack of participation with no questions asked.

Very active discord full of laid back friends where the fresh memes flow like wine.

What We are Looking For:

600 daily

10m+ GP with 5+GLs
Any combination of 2 of Prof, Exe, and Levi.

Reva ready or close to it

Full participation in TB and raids, TW optional but must give 100% if you join

Willingness to handle your business on your own without the need to be reminded.

Pretty standard right? You've all seen this stuff before. Drop in and chat if you think you might be a good fit, we'd love to hear from you.
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