505 Mill GP Ship, 30 Reva shards LF 2

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Looking for players with at least 5 GLs (JMK, Jabba and LV) Profundity, Executor, Starkiller, Malgus and who are ready for Reva mission and can hit Krayt raid for at least 2 mill damage.

Discord needed.

33 stars on ROTE, 30 Reva shards

No forced farms

Fun group and we get it done in TW and ROTE. Relaxed atmosphere and solid results with no stress.

Hit me up and have a chat with leadership if you’re interested. We can be flexible on some of the requirements.
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    Looking for 2 to join up. Not sure if you’re a fit? Doesn’t hurt to have a chat with us. Chill group with results.
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    If possible I would like to join just for reva later. I'm working towards gi and I'm not there yet but if we could chat about it I'll be down. I will want to only join when I'm ready so I can actually put in the work for her. My current guild is not reva ready and I'm the only one doing the farm so I just want to temporarily join when I'm ready to farm reva with ya guys
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