Bring back the divisions

I don't understand why the developers removed the system of divisions that balanced the galactic power of the enemy with yours, but now because of this, players can have gigantic differences in galactic power . I have already come to terms with the fact that the enemy's power may be half a million more, but with the fact that today I came across an opponent who has a galactic power of 10 more, it is simply impossible and not playable. Please return the divisions.


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    I'm a fairly new account(6months) and am in Carbonite and keep getting matched against massive accounts. This pic is the current account I am matched against. Im so frustrated that i am getting matched against aurodium+ accounts in carbonite league. Do they want to scare new players away?
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  • I’ve been casually playing this game for more than 3 years and in the beginnig I was happy however after gac matchmaking changes my happiness bagan to decline as my oponents had multiple times bigger accounts with my last match being beautiful exemplary of this. I have GL Rey, resistance fleet and unfinished negotiator vs guy with 6 gls and basically all of the ship content except for leviathan for which he has stuff prepared. I dont think this is fair and it should be adjusted.qg4ednt5di4o.png
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