This LV defense lineup repeatedly caused my game to crash

I usually don't have any issues with crashes, freezes or missing buttons. But I crashed twice against this GAC defense team, first with JMK and then with JML. Same situation in both cases: Canderous and RG down, Maul almost dead, 2nd Sis alive and well. LV uses ultimate and bam, "Unfortunately Heroes has stopped."


It's especially annoying since this is the last team in the territory and I had a great chance of winning this round. No crash when I followed up with SEE but of course I lost. My ally code is 385-516-646 in case someone up high wants to look into what might have caused this.


  • Game has been quite buggy ever since they added the new tuskens.
  • TVF
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    Sure, when tuskens and momentum are involved...
    I need a new message here.
  • I’ve noticed any team that puts out a lot of debuffs or multiple instances of damage for example the amplify agony DC along with the DC that gives dots on hit causes the whole game to freeze for like 3-4 seconds. The game is very unstable when this happens and I don’t think it can handle it properly. I don’t know what they would need to do to fix it.
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