Update 8/2/23

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Hello Heroes of the Holotable, here are today’s update notes!


  • To make datacron materials more accessible, the shipment now refreshes in a fashion similar to the majority of the other shipments in the game.
  • Fixed an issue where Han's Millennium Falcon would dispel debuffs on Rebel allies despite there being less than 3 debuffs on them
  • Fixed an issue where TIE Dagger would only assist if allies used their Basic on enemies inflicted with Concussion Mines
  • Fixed a bug where Galactic Republic ship GC modifier would not always reflect damage
  • Adjusted Captain Rex's dispel effect on his basic ability to only target potential Clone Trooper or Phoenix allies who were inflicted with a debuff
  • Corrected an issue in which only the debuffed ally and Captain Rex would receive TM under a Hera lead instead of all Phoenix allies receiving TM for each debuff inflicted
  • Fixed an issue where Leviathan's Special 3 Fear would not increase the cooldown of enemy ships
  • Fixed an issue where the allied Leviathan's Unique would inflict Ferocity onto enemy Sith ships
  • Updated Leviathan's Unique description to state that only allied Sith gain Ferocity when an enemy's debuff expires
  • Fixed an issue where Mark VI doesn't get its devouring swarm stacks if the enemy Capital Ship has been taken over
  • Fixed an issue where Profundity's Unique and Leviathan's Unique would linger on enemy ships after it has been taken over
  • Fixed an issue where Leviathan was dazing its own ships when an enemy reinforces
  • Fixed an issue where Mark VI can sometimes target enemies who are Stealthed or have the Outmaneuver buff
  • Fixed an issue where Chimaera could not instantly defeat enemies with Stable Bulwark with its Crew Ability
  • Fixed an issue with Tarfful's reflect damage
  • Fixed an issue where Mark VI does not reinforce second, it will now reinforce in this order (Sith Fighter > Mark VI > Scimitar)
  • Fixed an issue where Mark VI could casually one tap a Capital Ship
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