Banned 2 years ago.

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Good afternoon guys,

I would appreciate it if anyone can help. I have exhausted many channels.

To cut a long story short as I have explained so many times before, I was banned in May 2021. My account got hacked and I explained my situation and it was thrown out. I have tried reaching out to LD and others many times but just get ignored. I know they are most probably busy but I genuinely don't know what else to do now.

Any suggestions? Sorry if this is the wrong area to talk about this subject.


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  • If you kept spamming LD, than you would be moving yourself to the back of the line. It is really just him, so it takes a while for him too get to people..
    Are you sure you didn't use hacks to unlock GAS or JKL? It isn't just PVP areas they check.
    What do you mean by thrown out? From what I understand they will explain the ban cause they have proof. They don't just ban for no reason.

    Honestly your best course of action was to make another account and start fresh 2 years ago.
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    It's already been explained to you that your account cheated, and was banned, and that nothing more can be done. You maintain now that you were "hacked," but your original story was something like your son's friend installed the APK. It's not hacking when you willingly let someone else play the game on your phone. As I also explained to you, account sharing is also technically against the TOS.

    Your account is banned, and I don't think anyone's going to do anything about it. As the above poster said, you could have started over by now.
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