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    If there's a new (not out yet) conquest character that'll be required to unlock her. If it is; she'll be dropped to low priority

    No way a conquest character will be needed.

    They required two for the Levi; if they did require one I wouldn't be shocked

    We wouldn't get the character until Dec though.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid?
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    I wouldn't farm for those requirements until I see her full requirements and kit myself, regardless of what is said about her strength or how she will impact the game moving forward.
  • Unlikely to immediately swap to farming her. Start a farm finish a farm is a saying for a reason.

    But to know where I want her after my current farm...

    Any additional effects in game modes (such as TB special missions, unique events, etc)

    What modes if any she specializes in

    What relic requirements and/or units needed to unlock

    Faction tags to know what AB she can be used it
  • GL Leia's kit, the other characters for GL Leia, her importance to the Endor Raid, and if GL Leia is going to be another timeout team like Jabba that takes 10 minutes to get through.
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    Well, a few things comes to mind:

    - All requirements.
    - What is the intended team for her?
    - Will she get special events like Jabba?
    - Will she "push the meta"?
    - Will she be tested thoroughly before release to avoid uninteded interactions and low budget counters?

    That's probably it ...
  • I will work on GL Leia - but i will do it slow. After all the Levi bugs it doesnt make sense to push too much for a GL. You have enough time till they fix the bugs and after the fixes its a good time to have the characters, ships.
  • I'd want to know kit, requirements but most importantly if she has events that like Jabba can only be accessed with her
  • Her kit.. Which includes abilities, faction bonuses, etc...

    Her requirements..

    Her role/requirement level for the new Raid, even though it's been said that all abilities get replaced..
  • Will this character actually be tested and not be a dumpster fire like leviathan on release? Grinding hard for 2 R9 and 2 conquest toons for my 7* leviathan to get 1 shotted in gac by a 4* profundity doesn’t make me want to rush out to get anything you release.
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    One thing how useful will she be after the next raid expires?
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    Jacgul wrote: »
    One thing how useful will she be after the next raid expires?

    She is a GL, highly doubt she will ever be useless.
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid?
  • Small account (4m) perspective:

    1) The complete requirements.This is by far the most important for several reasons, main of them being:
    a) Non-accelerated characters slows down growth of a small account, so I need to know how many of them will be there and how useful they will be.
    b) To assess synergies with the rest of my limited roaster and/or with my near-term targets.

    2) Usefulness of the requirements outside the raid. Especially conquest and proving grounds, but also GAC, GC, assault battles.

    Generally, I believe it's not a good idea for an account of my size to go after the newest GL, so there would need to be a lot of information available to see clearly all the advantages.
  • As F2P, it is very difficult for me to shift to new GL Leia given that 4 new toons are requirements, who will take many months to farm to 7 star. So, switching suddenly is not even an option.

    More importantly, CG needs to make kit changes and fix issues with existing high value items like SEE and Levi to give people the confidence that they are not being short changed.
  • What are the Relic Levels? It would make a big difference If she knew that she Requires Like 2 R9 and 4 R8 and a few R7 or Like 3 R8, 4 R7 and a few R5/6.
    And also If big legendaries are Required. You announced Gas For LV, you could Just say If she needs someone Like JKL or Not.
    And also, when she will Release. It doesn't have to be an exact Date, but Like "She will be releasing in September" is better than "she will be releasing sometime soon"
  • When will the jkck event come back? I looked back at Grand inquisitor took 9 months before we had a 2nd run at it and am hoping it's not gonna be like that for jkck
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    GL Leia's kit, the other characters for GL Leia, her importance to the Endor Raid, and if GL Leia is going to be another timeout team like Jabba that takes 10 minutes to get through.

    I think I'll add to this, PROVE that her kit actually works correctly before you influence players to dump resources into GL Leia. Regaining credibility after the Leviathan debacle is probably a huge one for many players.

    (You should probably confirm 2, 3, 4, or 500 times that Malicos is working correctly before we unlock him next month too. Just as a recommendation.)
  • Have you tested Leia to see if she's weak to Nightsisters? Or are you planning to nerf them yet again 4 months after people discover a counter?
  • If her name was Revan and she was a Sith…

    On a serious note, I’m just not too interested in Leia as a character. She’d have to have a lot of benefits attached to her to make it interesting for me, but I’m also not a fan of things being locked behind a GL unlock.
  • I think you generally need to be in a certain place in the game to shift focus onto the latest and greatest.

    For levi I'm close to being able to unlock, because I had a lot of the requirements not far off. I imagine if you have lots of rebels at relic you may be tempted to chase.

    What would have made my prep for levi easier:

    - character/Ship single drop rates are off putting as they take so long. I get the point of double drops, it's more the inconsistency of the drops. Ships should be double on the older ones!

    - knowing in advance what character/ships are going to be bonus drops in the run up to release. For levi I was farming sith fighter doing refreshes then bonus drops happened, if I'd known I could have reidrected resources. I was then waiting and unsure if ebon hawk would be or not.

    - For Leia, if I was going to push the farm forward I'd mainly want to know how long the raid is going to be featured. No point starting if its the same length as krayt without rotation
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    I need to know what her highest relic requirements will be and for who. I am doing slow work on her in case it would be more worth it to go for profundity base her reqs

    I really appreciate CG publishing the requirements earlier than usual. I'm going to Leia because of it. Good, open, clear communication.
  • There is no information that would honestly allow me to swap to her farm.

    The kyrotech bottleneck is too severe to be able to flexibly change farms once ive committed any kyros to one. so she might be next on the list but the kyro income is just too miniscule compared to the need to be able to ever shift gears like that.

    I would assume most accounts are going to be like that. unless youre in a hoard phase or havent committed much to your current farm or youre full endgame or able to spendquite a lot, it is far too punishing to switch partway through a farm.
  • Could you guys possibly put a sims button on stuff that we have beat a ton of times before or a crystal sims button on gl events so we dont have to deal with beating it over and over and having to deal with bad rng please
  • What kind of node the marquees will hit.

    Knowing where PKnees will be farmable, impacts decision-making on chasing shards this weekend.

    If she goes to Cantina, I think going all in for her would be a bad decision. If she's a hard node like CRex, it would be a good decision to focus her.
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    As long as Scout Trooper or Cpt Drogan arent farmable there is not hurry to get the others to 7*
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    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid?
  • Ohhhhh I see why they broke Jabba now. Not enough people were wanting to move over to Leia. This seems very intentional now.
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