QoL Possible Catch Up Path For Returning/New Players

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Might be a bit of a read sorry

My experience as a on/off player in the past which has now changed to a somewhat hardcore ish player in recent months I think the older raids could have more use as a sort of catch up roll for people in the same boat. As more content gets added (which is good :smile: ) It gets progressively harder to catch up, not to mention a bit mentally draining when you see there is such a gap.

With Endor taking the MK3 tokens off of the Krayt Dragon. It makes the Heroic Sith Raid and Krayt Raid very similar in terms of rewards now.

mk1 - 8475
mk2 - 4000

KRAYT (needing only 25m to max rewards now + match HSTR)
mk1 - 8250
mk2 - 4850

With the Krayt needing specific teams to participate, it would be pointless for any returning/catchup player to invest in those specific teams when the rewards are on par with HSTR.

I get that CG could just increase the Krayt rewards when Endor releases but id like to put the following idea across.

For the HSTR could we possibly have the launch cost lowered from 90k to 60k and as a trade off NOT make the raid simable.
This would entice players to: Farm their 600 tickets daily, Farm for GL (e.g SLKR can solo HSTR), Plus 1 extra raid a week. ---> That being the catch up

For this I think there should be a GP Limit to stop the higher tier guilds from using and abusing and will actually allow the gap to close over time.

This way you don't need to waste resources on Krayt teams and it allows you to use your current roster whilst still making GLs more appealing to newer/returning players. Futhermore it adds a "get out what you put in" system without making the catch up to easy but at least we will have that option if the guild puts the effort in.

I get that this maybe might seem to make the Krayt raid entirely pointless but the lower end guilds arent even at the Krayt raid yet. The lower end guilds would have to farm for specific teams for the Krayt Dragon to then just immediately farm for specific teams again for when they complete the Krayt Dragon to unlock and participate in the Endor/future raids. Making resource gain minimal from K.D

Just an idea :blush:

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