StarDefenders (376mill - ROTE TB and Endor Raid guild) are looking for 5 mill + players!

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382mill GP

23/55 Stars on ROTE TB (12 Reva shards)
Endor Raid we’re getting the 144mill box

StarDefenders is a friendly and supportive guild. Whilst we see ourselves as a casual guild, we are ambitious. This means we do expect participation in every event. We also try to keep mandatory farms to a minimum. We will only have a mandatory farm if we feel it’ll benefit both individual players and the entire guild. Our current mandatory farms are: Jabba, GL Leia and Inquisitors both to r7. Hop into our server listed above to chat to us further!

5mill GP
At least 2 GLs
Executor 4*s at least
Working towards Reva
100% Partcipation in all guild events (Raids, TB, TW)
600 Tickets daily
Discord checked regularly Registered
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