Please Help and Give me Suggestions on my team???!

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All characters ranked 49.
4*Luminara Unduli
4*Jedi Consular
4*Clone wars Chewy
3*Resistance Trooper all have VI Gear. Any suggestions?? Or Swap Outs?? Would appreciate it! :)
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    I run Sid Lumi JC DM and Ima gun di - they perform pretty well - rank 26 atm. I think you should get sid in a first place. I recommend fives - i like him- tanky and does dmg as well. Ima gun di is cool but hard to farm so for now he can be used as substitute as far s you get better character. I like old daka as well. She is powerful and perhaps you can get even Phasma. But in a first place i think you should get Sid. Chewy is good but once you reached lvl 45 and above, imo he becomes a bit useless. Resistance Trooper - imo TIE pilot is far better than him. So get Sid instead of Trooper, get decent character instead of Chewy - for instance Boba/Fives/Boba , and keep trying ti get ima gun di shards - he is a beast, but if you can find his shards, go for something else.BTW i strongly recommend Dooku - he is still one of the best.
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    Thank you so much for reply!!! I just got some shards for tie pilot and he is 3*star now!! And 5 more shards to get Sid and currently working to get Dooku at 30shards right now! As old Daka I have 45shards at the moment. I have fives and boba lvl 40 who should I work with more?
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    I personally like Fives better. Plus he's synergies pretty good with FO TIE Fighter. However, Boba is pretty good too. It just depends on who you like better.
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    Oh ok thanks man!
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    Unlike most heroes, a 3* TFP can be used in the main team in pvp arena and GW. Since he's a glass cannon, you just need to stash him behind a taunt (hint: poe is amazing).
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    Poe you say. I'll give it a go!! Thanks pilot
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    Ima-gundi is amazing I picked him up from a pack and have not been upset. His defense really helps. So I go with

    Ima-gundi as leader
    Luminara as healer
    Kit fisto for more counter
    Aayla secura again counter
    Qui gon or Ben Kenobi or mace windu
    That's a full strong jedi team with high counter. You can take out the last one for dookunor a tank like poe or chewie
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    Yeah I have been trying to get a Kit Fisto and Aayla but no luck yet!!! Hopefully things will turn around
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