Should Ship reinforcement be as placed?

If CG were willing would you want to be able to select to have your Ships be brought out as reinforcements in the order they are added to the squad?

Maybe just a toggle feature, when on reinforce in order. When off use existing AI


  • There would be pros and cons to this.

    Yes, it would be better if certain ships came out in the given order, but there are circumstances where that would be a bad thing.

    Would you bring out Ebon Hawk when the opposing Exec has already earned the TL buff? Would you bring out Plo Koon when absolutely none of your fleet has a debuff?
  • It would mainly be for fleets where the AI tends to pull the wrong ship in.
  • scuba
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    CG said no
  • this was a thing before and they got rid of it, bringing it back doesn't make a lot of sense.
  • RI coming out in order of placement was a thing. Having the option to choose whether to use the given order or CG's algorithm was never a thing.

    As with most suggestions that come with user choice, barring significant development time sink, why not?
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