Lobot rework!!!!

With the lobot rework upcoming I was just curious exactly how a rework actually works. Once the kit and everything are updated in game do you basically start over w any resources you've put into the toon or does it basically stay the same? I'm only asking not because I've put a ton if resources into lobot but I do actually have him completely farmed. Hes now on a cantina node and i most definitely do not wanna have to refarm him there. Will things like star rarity stay the same or are we all back to zero w him?


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    You'll keep his current level, stars, shards, gear level (and requirements for each tier), ability mat investment (if they change something radically that had an omega or zeta they sometimes refund it), and relic level.
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  • Oh ok thanks....thats what I would have thought would have made sense to begin with but I had heard a few comments about maces rework awhile back and people having some resources returned to them(zetas) so wasn't sure how that went exactly. Thanks for clearing that up for me
  • If things changed alot, ie total different like nute, then there will be skill mats refund.
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