Leviathan unlock => Dark Sovereign and difficulty

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I know I'm a month behind (missed being ready by a frustrating 3 days) but I just want to say that I think the Devs got this right, finally. The early tiers were easy. The unlock tier was difficult but nowhere near impossible. And the ongoing monthly event that we'll play til the game dies? Also pretty easy.

I understand wanting to make the unlock event hard. I really get it. There's the tendency to feel like if you don't challenge the players they won't feel like they accomplished anything. But I've said before: we DID accomplish something. We always have to put together a lot of characters, with multiple high relics, whatever high relic meant when that event came out, often a ship or two even in the non-ship events, for Levi and the other Cap Ships always a bunch of ships (which is notable since they're never going to be accelerated). I said once that we've done enough hard stuff that the GL events should be mixing us a drink and throwing confetti not frustrating us.

But okay. It's also true that unlock events are only going to be played once. The difference with Cap Ships though is that you play the unlock once but the follow-on completion event literally forever. And those completion events (called "Fleet Mastery" and "Advanced Fleet Mastery" before Levi) are always going to be limited in the ships we're allowed, and we're going to start out with all our pilots at medium-to-high relics, so there's just not that much we can do to make the event easier.

THIS is why it was so frustrating to have not just the unlock event dialled up in difficult, but also the completion event: We are, after all, going to be replaying this event every month until the game dies (or we do). And during early completion efforts, we have to win this event not once in a day, but as many as 20 times in a day. Setting the difficulty to allow one win in even 3 attempts has made previous completion events frustration.

Now, I've heard complaints about total difficulty on Tier 4, the final stage of unlock. And that's a bummer if it's not set correctly. (I can't speak to that since I beat it first try and I assume that's at least partly RNG.) But it also has to be completed only once. A high difficulty on the completion event creates frustration and tedium for years to come. And whether people want to take issue with Tier4, I love that you listened to players and eased up on the difficulty of Dark Sovereign. The second time I played it, they got a lot of early assists on that very first turn and knocked out the first life of my bomber. It gave me heart palpitations briefly. But in the end I completed it with no problems and I'm 3/3 on it right now.

So I just wanted to stop in and say how much I appreciate that you thought about how Dark Sovereign is a permanent stop on players' schedules now, and gave us an event that won't be a source of frustration.

If anyone else wants to speak to the difficulty of Tier4-Unlock, I think that's great, but right now I have no complaints.


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    No issues here. Watch some videos on strategy?
    Why wasn't Cobb Vanth shards a reward for the Krayt Dragon raid? Why wasn't Endor Gear Luke shards a reward for the Speeder Bike raid?
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    Totally agree - overall the event was great I thought and Tier 4 wasn’t outrageously difficult. Also unlocked today. Congrats!
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