Ahsoka shards

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So the event to get ahsoka fulcrum has gone live but they said you d enough shards to 7* her but I only 230 shards ?
Anyone else have this ?


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    Yeap I think I need another 20-30 to 7* her
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    Yeah I got the same result. I also only have Sabine at 5 stars, and it won't let me challenge to get additional shards.
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    I just saw that:

    "For those eligible to participate in the event, once you complete the event and have 230 Shards, there is a 24-Hour delay before you are served a pack in store to give you the last 100-shards."
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    Yeah, they just put up the post saying this after I put this post up lol
  • CG_Tusken_Meathead
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    Just made a post on this
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    NICE! I didn't have Sabine or Fulcrum...This was amazing! I can only imagine how good this will be for a beginning account
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    yeah, nice indeed! it's even better if you just started again with a new account a few weeks ago and spent almost 2 months maxing your phoenix and are now almost done. now everyone gets a huge chunk of that given to them for free and you don't even get cardshop-shards for your troubles.

    it's quite... something. yeah, "something" seems right. :s
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    Curious to see what will happen.... I have 5/100 on Sabine so didn't qualify for the event....
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