Guild Recruitment for The Phoenix's Flame

Hello, hello. My name is BrandedPhoenix. In game Sel Cel. I will be leader of The Phoenix's Flame.
I am a very active player, with 13, 7* characters, ranking below 50, in my server regularly. I am a Free to Play player and will accept Payers or non-payers. Central TZ, but 100% willingly accept other timezones.
The requirements are loose to base, but over time will tighten.

We are looking for:

Daily active players.

At least 5, 7* characters.

Rankings of 500 or below in PVP.

Communication will be needed.

PM me your requests.****PM YOUR REQUESTS****

Thank you all very much and understand the limiy is 50, so only the most qualified will be taken. Thank you!
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