Why is this guy in Carbonite?

This is my opponent! I am at 1.6 gp in Carbonite four and I am paired against an opponent 4 million gp highs than me with two GLs and GAS and JKL. I'm still in Carbonite and already the match making is broken!


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    Matchmaking is based on points, not GP. You can meet a 10m gp if he AFKs enough.
    Prolly inactive or just tanking on purpose... Did you win?
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    He beat me. First he placed Jawas and Ewoks on defense so I thought maybe he was being nice, but then he still beat me byba large margin. Not sure if he was trying to even the odds or just wanted to play around on offense.
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    1.05m GP vs 5.45m GP.... i mean... matchmaking at its finest! I have 1 (one!) G12.. he has 3 R9 and 35 total R1+. First GAC already off to an epic start.
    EDIT: 1st round was flawless... 2nd round even better 1m vs 7.6m ... CG fix the **** game
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