Returning player in need for advice

I am wondering which team to go for next.
I have completed my phoenix, and am now finishing up my empire and geos. I am wondering what my next push should be:

- With the Geo's, I have padme. I am already quite far with JKA, GMY and Ahsoka (all 7*), and have general Kenobi unlocked too. I could focus on this team.
- I have enough shards for sthan, Leia and r2 7*. If I were to farm luke and old ben, I could push for CLS. I am already farming chewpio and raid Han in the background.
- I am also slowly getting the requirements ready for Jedi Knight revan. Only need to finish my Jolee, and zaalbar/mission farms, all of which are at or approaching 6*. Bastilla is already fully geared up.
- I also know I need to invest in bounty hunters sooner rather than later and have just started my Bossk farm.

Ergo, many different options to go for... But no clear direction as to which path to take. Do you have any suggestions?


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    Bounty Hunters are a good option, it leads you towards Chewie and the Falcon, as well as the executor further down the line
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