Denki gama active/casual looking for two

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Denki gama
360 mil
21 rote tb 9 Reva and growing
25 mil raid reward

What we are looking for:

Active members who can and will contribute in guild events. Please no back pack yoda’s.

Ideal we would at least 6 mil gp we would want at least 2 gls and at least executor or newer. But we know every other guild is also looking for this so if you feel you can help in Rote filling platoons(especially Reva platoons if you don’t have Reva ready or working on them every gets one has skin in the game) and can lay some defenses for tw or have a few teams for offensive.

What we offer
We share a discord with several other independent guilds. We operate on our own but help each other when needed.
We try to follow the fine line of active/casual. Which means for us tw everyone signs up win or lose, we get relic 9 mats everyone helps. Lay a defense help in attacking whatever works. Tb we ask fill missions and deploy. Yes, we do like cms but do not require it. Bottom line, we love this game, but at times there is so much and we also want a life so as a guild we do what we can to play and be as competitive as we can. Looking for 2 members who can contribute to the minimum we ask. Please let them know you have seen the denki ad
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