Mods for Taron

I personally like to get mods sets ready for certain characters in advance. Just curious what mods sets people plan to use for Taron Malicos. I'm leaning towards and primary offense set with health or CC secondary. Since he will most likely be used in a Cere team will people be forgoing the all too common speed set?


  • LordDirt
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    I might use him with LV or SLKR, need him to bring the pain
    We needed Cobb Vanth shards for Krayt Dragon raid, Endor Gear Luke shards for Speeder Bike raid and Anakin Skywalker shards for Battle for Naboo raid?
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    I won't have Cere or JKCL ready so I'm probslly gonna do the same and place him with LV and see how well he does. As for modding I'm thinking offense set with health set or all health mods but we still have a little bit before we unlock him
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    I have a feeling the best team will include Maul with Malicos under Cere using all health sets and primaries. Maulicos will go for a dozen hits between the two, make them survivable to rinse & repeat this heinous volley
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    I would say as much offense and CD as possible. He has to hit hard!
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