Our Wives H8 SWGOH

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Looking for 3 people. We aim for top rewards in all games modes but are realistic and don't want the drama. Below is our stats.

We're looking for a few people to join our ranks. We're a serious guild but with real world problems. We've built a successful guild on valuing our players and just being up front with them. We do 36 stars in TB almost to 37. We do about 168 million in raid. And for TW we hardly ever lose. We get about 46 Reva a TB. Could get 50 but we're down 4 players currently due to retirements. We're looking for people that engage with datacrons and follow directions. Roster needs to be over 9 million with at least 6 GL's and have grand inquisitors where they need to be to get a Reva shard. We don't have remods or force farms. We only recommend. If you're interested in joining us please stop by and have a chat. We have 4 guilds in our alliance so In sure we have something for you. We don't do drama, we're all adults with kids and a busy life. So please serious inquires only. https://swgoh.gg/g/enmwqRKsSLCxdvc9kvXK8w/.
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