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keep in mind, i make this as a lifter for SEE

The Dark Side of the Force (Basic): Snoke deals physical damage to target enemy and applies 2 stacks of damage over time on all enemies. Resistance enemies are inflicted with potency down and have a 25% chance to be stunned.
Power (Special 1): Snoke gains critical chance up, offense up, and all other allies gain potency up. If Pretorian Guard is present, he gains taunt and defense up.
Destruction (Special 2, Zeta): Snoke deals special damage to all enemies and inflicts speed down. All allies recover 30% of their max health and protection. Sith Eternal Emperor and one other random sith ally is called to assist, dealing 150% more damage. If Wat Tambor is present, he gets a bonus turn.
Supreme Leader (Unique 1, Zeta): At the start of the battle, all allies start with defense down, but gain defense equal to 40% of their starting defense when this expires or is dispelled. Pretorian Guard is summoned at the start of the battle.
Useful Pawn (Unique 2, Zeta): Sith Eternal Emperor begins with bonus protection equal to 50% of Snoke’s max health. When Snoke dies, Sith Eternal Emperor gains 10% Ultimate charge and all of Sith Eternal Emperor’s cooldowns are reset. Snoke is able to be linked by Sith Eternal Emperor.

I made this with a solo counter for SEE in mind

Pretorian Guard
Electro Staff (Primary Basic): Pretorian Guard deals physical damage to target enemy and gains defense up and taunt.
Electro Mace (Alternate Basic): Pretorian guard deals physical damage to target enemy and inflicts offense down and tenacity down.
Form Change (Special): Pretorian Guard alternates between Electro Staff and Electro Mace.

Tags: Dark Side, support, sith, first order.

Let me know if u think there should be anything different!
Thanks for reading!
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