4D Chess move by AI

[url] https://youtu.be/WGfgn1XPukE?si=ovh307YtTH6yYKw-[/url]

I think the AI is getting smarter. It figured out how to get an easy win against me in conquest by just refusing to take a turn and letting the match timeout.

If doesn’t mean as much in conquest but if it figures this out in GAC or TW, then the AI could decide the outcome of rounds/wars.


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    This happened to me yesterday in TB.
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    It happened to me as well a couple times vs MM in conquest recently. I even had the battle on full auto and it still did this. Rather infuriating.
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    While not the missing buttons issue, something similar happened when I faced Phoenix teams in conquest. They just wouldn’t take a turn:

    I’d auto-basic on just one of them and the rest wouldn’t gain turn meter. They also wouldn’t go below 95% or so Health. Happened with CLS and with Phoenix mirror. They were beatable with some team I forget what at least.

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