Join Canadians Reunited (480M GP independent guild)

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We're currently at around 460M GP.
Territory Wars: We want everyone to sign up and participate in both on offence and defense (about 10 squads & 2 fleets on defense). No problem if you skip one once in a while.
Territory Battle - Rise of the Empire (27* last time). We expect all our players to at least deploy every phase.
Discord: We have a discord setup with lots of great information on it. Highly recommended but not mandatory.
We give everyone the freedom to focus on the rosters and teams they want, although we're always happy to help those who ask for it.
We offer a friendly, supportive, drama-free environment!
We ask that your roster be at the very least 7.5M GP and 3 GL (ideally 4 or more) + at least 1 meta fleet or more Leviathan, Executor & Profundity
Our player average is around 7.6M GP.
While we don't put any pressure on members, we do expect people to be active enough.
Endor: we do about 150M
You can check out most of our members at
Message me if you're interested in game (136-511-126).
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