Carrion's Digital Art Dump

Decided to make a thread where I could dump my Star Wars related art.

I have never really had good practice drawing humans or humanoids, so with my newfound interest in Star Wars and an overabundance of human(like) characters, I want to practice with this.

First character I drew is Maul. Honestly a terrible decision, those tattoos took too long x.x if there's mistakes that's because I gave up haha.

If you have any character requests let me know! I'd be glad to give it a go. Though no droids please.


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    Very cool
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    This is really clean and quite well done. I only have two criticisms.

    - The shadows over Maul's face have a vertical split line, but his saber is held at an angle. The shadows should follow the line of the lightsaber.
    - Maul's expression isn't giving me full on anger, hate vibes etc. There seems to be a bit of worry on his face.

    I'd say get the big boys out the way first. Would be interesting to see Darth Vader in this art style.
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    This is so good!
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