Fleet Shard

I just unlocked Executor, and I don't want to anger anyone by knocking out their payouts. Is there a way for me to contact my fleet shard?


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    Try messaging the people in the top 10-20 of your shard. There’s no way to find them through fleet arena so you’ll have to find their allycodes by searching through swgoh.gg

    Try searching for:

    Swgoh.gg USER_NAME


    Swgoh.gg GUILD_NAME

    Once you have their allycode you can open a private chat. Hopefully they’ll appreciate you being team-minded and welcome you in. There’s a lot of good chats out there.
    Account started June 2020. 100% FTP. 8.2m GP. JMK, JML, SLKR, and SEE. Exe and Levi. Ally code 117-269-921. Swgoh.gg
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    show no mercy. you need the payout, take ‘em out
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