Proving Grounds Sim Reset

Has anyone else’s proving grounds sims been reset? I had them all completed previously but having to re-do the battles again this time around.


  • Yep, I just went in and every battle has 0 star. I had 4 or 5 I could sim
  • What time zone are you? Conquest is still running here in Blighty
  • Wed_Santa wrote: »
    What time zone are you? Conquest is still running here in Blighty

    Bonus PG for pass plus purchasers...
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  • must be a full day ahead of me, i still have 23h and 50min left
  • Ah. Thanks I’m just a simple FTP scrub
  • Same issue here. These fights are so awful, please don’t make me do these again. :(
  • **** ! What is this bad trip. Please put back the sims
  • It could be a glitch since pg isn’t officially out for everyone. maybe the sims will come back when it is released for all. only time will tell.
  • The extra day of PG was one of the big reasons I paid for the upgraded pass. Having to now fight very battle again instead of simming is absolutely demoralizing for me.
  • It is out for conquest pass+ holders
  • I literally want to cry right now. These are among the most awful battles in the game. I’ve already suffered through several hours on them. I don’t want to do it all over again.
  • jt663sv5f6hf.jpeg
    They have tinkered with something. I buy Conquest+ Pass and have seen and been able to enter Proving Grounds (though I couldn’t run any missions) until this time around.

    Usually when CG tinkers with one thing, something else breaks.
  • I had mine reset as well. Why did CG do this?
  • We analysed the soruce of this bug on Discord and we found out that this Event is a totally new Event instead of the same. They did it most likely to prevent not Pass+ Owners from accessing it wrongfully.

    This means that 3 Starring normal Proving Ground dont count here. And the previous instances of the Pass+ event were normal ones.
    This is an extra event... is it a bug? yes if you ask me
  • I don’t think I agree with that assessment. I was able to sim them last time with the Pass+ on both days.
  • Yep this is absolute garbage. I have Sims for a reason
  • Ghostatron wrote: »
    I don’t think I agree with that assessment. I was able to sim them last time with the Pass+ on both days.

    yes that was before they made the Plus event a whole own thing. But people without pass had access to it in some rare cases....and to avoid that CG seperated the events.

    Not to mention that its still CG's fault for making that the problem of the players
  • PainOfDemise
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    Always something. Had these simmable. Now I have to go through this pain in the **** again to three star some of theses.
  • I’m hoping this gets fixed today or we get compensated. Upsetting the people who paid $30 for Pass+ feels like a dangerous move and a good way to make players stop doing that.
  • I’m sure it’s a bug. Who knows if it’ll get fixed in time unfortunately. Something definitely needs to happen to make me ever consider getting the pass+ again though.
  • I was also surprised to find this out. Wouldn’t have bought the pass+ if I had known I was going to have to fight all these again. Honestly, I probably got lucky to 3* the malgus level. I’ve tried several times with the same team as last time and can’t even get 1*. I only need 40 more shards so thought the pass+ this time would get me what I need. Now, I will have to wait another month to unlock through regular proving grounds or pay a bunch of crystals to refresh in regular proving grounds. Not happy about this whole situation.
  • I’m afraid to even attempt the battles right now. What if I win with only 1 or 2 stars? Will that “erase” the fact that I previously had 3 stars on it?
  • Congratulations CG on continuing to break something every time you implement something new!

    What's next, gonna make datacrons even more stupidly OP next set just to add to the player irritation and frustration level? I know, bring back dodge datacrons! That'll really put a pin on it!

    You seriously need to hire a common sense checker person ASAP. "Hey, CSCP, is this stupid?" "Uh, yep! Totally stupid. Don't do it." "Okay, thanks!" Then after that, get some people to test as their sole job.
  • They changed Malgus. I had to use JKL/JMLS/Revan/GAS/C3-PO. I have no idea how C3-PO made it work, but I know that I didn't use him last time.
  • I also have this issue. I'm very upset. If this is how it's going to be I will not be buying the conquest pass + again. I spent hours beating the Malgus event with 3 stars and this is not acceptable.
  • This is the textbook example of institutional incompetence. Let's take something that is already mocked and make it more ignorant. Oh, and let's charge for the privilege. Congrats, CG, you win. I will stop spending money on this game.
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    Same here. Bought Conquest Pass+ specifically for this, so that I could unlock Malgus with the two Proving Grounds (30 shards away). Had him simmable (and Ben Solo simmable) previously, now have to redo the fights? ****?!?!?!

    EDIT: I have gone through and done them again, try not to break your game again please CG.

  • If they don't fix it I will never buy an EA game again. I am extremely upset.
  • I had mine reset as well. CG! What are you doing to me! :-(
  • This is totally stupid, need to spend again half a day to fight same battles. I will never buy this pass again
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