Fix Mod Rerolls/Calibration Randomness to Net Positive

You spend all this time grinding for random mods with random stats. Then you waste time grinding materials to 6dot them, even more time getting what few calibration mats you can get. Only to try and reroll health to speed for a little boost, and instead it goes from Health to Health and gets worse....

I understand you want people to grind, but the last few times I've tried to calibrate different mods, they've ALL rerolled the same secondary stat and they've ALL gotten WORSE.

It'd be nice if when you rerolled a stat and it did land again on itself, at least it gets better. On that note, why does it have the option to get worse? I know CG loves RNG, but come on.

You won't let us choose which stats the reroll goes to, but can you make it not as terrible? Mods are arguably the worst part of this game and the only thing that CG has done to improve them, you could argue was stolen from HotUtils...

I'm not asking to choose exactly which bar from which secondary goes to which other secondary (which would be awesome cuz then you could farm for perfect mods). I'm just asking for my time to not be wasted by a trash system.
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