Things We Love

This is my favorite Assault Battle in game.
All thanks to Count Dookus interaction with the event skill.
Why? Because the Dooku goes crazy
How? Well...
a) he does a 3 hit counter instead of 2 hit
b) he counters 2 different targets
c) he assits in Sith Empire Troopers retribution counter
d) he assits in SETs counter againts the attacker on first hit and then on second hit he'll hit somebody else entierly
e) he will counter a non-offensive action
f) nothing happens, but he'll counter aggresive actions vs anybody else on his team
g) he'll do a counter, unprovoked
h) If Palpatines 2nd special is used, Dooku hits whoever you had selected
i) He'll assist on basic
j) nothing happens

These are just the ones i saw on my own. None of them have impacted my game in a nagative way.
So if you can, give it a shot instead of a sim and tell me if you saw anything fun happen.

P.S Jedi Sentinels there aren't from the Republick, cuz lul
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