Fix GAC matchmaking

Hello :)
I’m here to notice that the matchmaking in GAC is awful. i’m 85 and in my group of 8, I am with a guy who was in Chromium with 5M GP, and now, he is in Carbonite 3, active player …

Could you fix the matchmaking by a new system with both GP and Skill Point?
I think it could balanced the matchmaking and GAC will becoming more interesting for lower levels…
Pls consider my advice like a will to improve the game


  • Jons
    5 posts Member
    edited October 2023
    Seconded. I'm in a similar situation where I'm matched Vs a guy with 5 galactic legends. I have 1 plus starkiller who can take some down... How am I supposed to compete? Either ban GLs from GA which tbh I don't want since they are top teams, or balance it so you don't end up in this kind of situation as this is totally unfair.
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