[SITH] Sith Kings Recruiting (Lvl 55+ admitted)

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Sith Kings is recruiting!

We are a Guild of experienced players who have been here since launch wanting to create a cooperative guild that's accessible to both players new and old.

In order to apply, we ask just a few things.

Please fill out the following information and reply to this thread.

Player Level:


Timezone (or where you live):

Hours of the day you are likely to be online:

Ally Code:

In-Game Username (Ex. Mol Eliza, etc.):

Are you willing and capable of spending any amount of money either now or in the future?

Also, as we review all applicants seriously we ask that if you apply you allow 24 hours for us to review and accept you before accepting any other guild requests or applying elsewhere. We will respond timely.

A Guild website is currently being built.
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