2 devices?

Is it possible to play this game on 2 devices simultaneously?


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    Or yes?

    You are allowed to have multiple accounts. So long as each device is logged into a different account, then the answer is yes. As soon as you log into an account, however, you automatically disconnect any other device logged into that account -- even if the other device was mid battle. This is true even if you log into your account through the webstore. (The webstore doesn't allow you to play battles, but it does require logging into a specific account so that your purchases go to the right account.)

    Also we're assuming a strict definition of "simultaneously". If you play a single account for years, you might use multiple devices to access that account over the years. You can't have more than one device logged in to the account during the exact same second, but you can change back and forth between different devices many times over the course of a single day.

    I believe you meant that strict definition of "simultaneously", but I just thought I would clear that up.

    So... I believe that Darjelo Salas was correct b/c I believe that they interpreted you correctly...but just in case you meant anything else (like one person with multiple accounts, which is fine) I thought I would add a bit of extra info.
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