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🔥 RogueImmortal is Recruiting 🔥

🏅 About Us 🏅 • RogueImmortal is a proud member of the Immortal Alliance, together with Immortal Phoundlings, the home of Darth Loquitur • 327 million gp • 90 million box in the Krayt raid • 24 stars in Rote • 103W - 23L tw record (currently on a 8 win streak)

🏅 What We Want From You 🏅 • 6 million+ gp • 2 galactic legends • 1 gl ship (Exec, Prof, or Levi) • Willing to follow the guild focus (currently GL Leia in preparation for the Endor raid then direction Reva) • Full participation in tb, tw, and Krayt • 600 tickets daily • Willing to relic a character for operations

🏅 Summary 🏅 We have always been a guild that punches well above our weight, oftentimes taking down guilds 50 million or more gp above us in tw. We put up a rather high tb star count for our gp and more stars are on the way soon. We play with a competitive mindset and are looking for like-minded players that will help us to achieve our goals.

If you feel like we would be a good fit for you, please come chat with us on our discord server!


  • New victory in Tw and new arrival in the guild. Only two places left.
  • New member arriving in the guild. We go from 327 million PG to 345 million.
    We still have one place left to fill.
  • 2 free places again. we went to 355 million PG
  • Recruitment complete. We are complete. We are moving to 360 million PG and will aim for 26 stars in the next ROTE
  • Opening of the update, we are looking for 2 new members to complete the guild, as we soon have a 2 player shutdown unfortunately.

    Some numbers :

    PG 373 million
    26 stars on ROTE
    5 REVA fragments
    5 Leia present in the guild, and several on the approach
    Currently we are doing the new raid and estimate a minimum, reaching the chest at 208 million

    If you want to join us, come to our discord:

    See you soon
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