First Conquest : I'm terrified

Hello everyone. I have just hit level 85 as of a couple of days ago, and I now have access to conquest and Grand Arena. Luckily I missed the sign-ups for this Grand Arena, but the conquest is in 11 MINUTES. What should I be concerned with and what are some tips to help me achieve at least a decent crate? Will I be able to 1st try the easy conquest? Thanks in advance.


  • Hey Demon. Conquest details can be found here:

    You may struggle first time with low GP even on easy.
    I've played all from the start and they are not the fun they used to be. Incredibly grindy..repetitive, and not as rewarding as you may think, but you may enjoy it first time ;)
  • I tend to use a bit of energy to start off (and allow refresh) and then wait for them to fix the bugs they have everytime as well. current one on 1st Mini-boss node
  • In general, Conquests are nothing to be afraid of if you have a plan. My concern is that your roster is all over the place. You have one character above level 82 and only one character at G11 but almost 40 characters above level 50. I suggest taking a look at some new player guides and picking one or two solid teams (like CLS, Imperial Troopers, Phoenix w/ Rex, etc.) to take to 85 and bring up to relic and that will easily carry you through easy and normal conquests along with a lot of the other content in the game.
  • Have no worries it's a good place to test out your teams and counters and get a feel for the mechanics of the game. Each toon you use gets weaker after each round and slowly recharges. This is called stamina so it's good to have a few teams to rotate through.
  • you haven’t missed anything yet, next grand arena event starts october 9th. the phrasing in between events is weird though so it makes it seem like you missed it. good luck with conquest! it’s what i look forward to most in this game.
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