arena str not real!?

hi it feels like the arena str does not update instantly

for example i am at #7 if i check i can attack #6 and he has 6800 str(i got 8722)
i tryed him and it was nearly impossible to beat him

tell me something from your experience


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    I'm not sure if it's that our power is overrated or if the different synergies between characters make for a harder team to play against even if you out power them. I calculated each of my toons power individually and it came up to the total that showed in arena. It may be that opponents power level is a misrepresentation of there actual power. I know Im sitting at 13k power at level 47 and lost my rank to a 4k power lvl 36 with Talia as lead. I mean w..t...f lol? The computer cant play my decked out toons that badly!! If there is cheating and hacking I hope EA gets a grip on it before it destroys the game.
  • Powers are bugged I think. You say you are level 47 with 13k power? I see lvl 60s at 13k power too. There's your answer.
  • Fudgement wrote: »
    Powers are bugged I think. You say you are level 47 with 13k power? I see lvl 60s at 13k power too. There's your answer.

    No, there isn't your answer. Power rating is solely a function of the levels of the heroes in your active squad, so a level 47 player using the same set of heroes (with the same gear, *'s, and unit level) as a level 60 player will have identical power ratings. If the level 60 player were fielding a squad of maxed-out units, they'd have a much higher power than 13K.

    Furthermore, just because the player has 4K power and Talia as lead when you checked them out after the battle, doesn't mean that's the team they fought you with. They could have been running a Challenge event or some other limited-squad battle at the time. Heck, maybe they have an outstanding light-side team and nothing but starter characters for dark side, and you checked them out while they were in a Dark Side battle. As far as I can tell, the squad you defend with is the last squad you entered a battle with, regardless of what kind of battle it was. I could be wrong on that, though.

    The other thing people don't seem to realize is that power is only one, very subjective, method of comparing two squads. The actual characters being used on both teams make a huge difference. Comapre a 1000-power 2* Clone Sergeant to a 1000-power 3* Count Dooku. Do you really think those two units have the same effectiveness in combat? Dooku's counter-attack (and potential double-counters) can single-handedly decimate an enemy team, especially against an AOE-heavy squad. Defending AI isn't perfect either, and a smart attacking player can usually predict what the AI will do and respond accordingly.
  • Pretty sure power is bugged.

    If there are a couple people on the same server and closely ranked they could check it by posting their actually power and what they see for the other person. Then the other person does the same.

    The teams you run for cantina, light/dark, challenges and such should not effect it. As it saves the last team you used in arena.

    A lot of squads ranked above me are a few lvls higher and yet show up as a few thousand power lower then me. And a couple of teams I have faced a nearly identical team that is supposedly lower power then me and just got smoked.

    I am guessing the power you see for other players is just flat power for their lvl or something. It doesn't take into effect gear and such. That is basically how it works in summoners war (which this game is very similar to). You just see the other team with base stats, not adjusted for their runes.
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