What is the difference between +10% stat and just 10% stat?

New player here, loving the game! I do have a question; what is the difference between say a kit having or granting someone +20% Offense as opposed to just 20% Offense without the ‘+’? Is the one with the + temporary?


  • Ranzono
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    If it's like "Fred has 20% tenacity" then it's constant
    If "for every time Fred suffers a critical hit he gains +1% evasion for the rest of the encounter" it's till the end of what it says.
    Typically if it has a condition like same faction allies or misses an attack its only till the end of battle it will start only be for that battle if the condition is met, if it just says "has X% of offense" with no activating condition then it's a permanent increase unless another toon in the battle has a ability to negate it
    (Jedi Knight Luke messes with his opponents speed for example)
    Ps. I am not the most knowledgeable about this game so if a veteran proves me wrong this was just my assumption don't bully me
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