Test Arena / Training grounds

I'd love to see addition of a Test Arena or Training grounds

this could allow players to fight against anyone on the ladder of their choosing to see how their team holds up. This should be a battle for no points, or move in ladder position, but could allow players to strategise against tougher opponents.


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    I was thinking about the same but you beat me to the post. Well done.
  • I think GW is kinda like a TA & TG already
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  • PardeyGirL wrote: »
    I think GW is kinda like a TA & TG already

    Fair Point but I find the GW rarely holds true against anyone on my server, levels are way higher than they should be (I fight level 59's at 51 myself and highest level on my server is 54/55). Power levels / Equip levels are also different.

    Another point for me was that you face a random assortment of teams, i'd like to e able to pick a specific team to simulate a battle against.

    What would actually be better would be for us to pick squad rather than a player team, gear level and ability power levels, that way we can truly test but I didn't suggest as I thought it might be too much work for the devs.
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