First Order Riot Trooper (Fan Kit)

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First Order Riot Trooper
Dark Side, Support, First Order

Basic - Baton Strike
Deal Physical damage to the target enemy and stun them for one turn. If the target was already debuffed, deal additional true damage equal to 10% of the target’s max health

Special 1 - Shields Ready! (CD - 2)
Dispel all debuffs on self and target other first order ally. Both units recover 25% protection and First Order Riot Trooper gains bonus protection up (50%)

Special 2 - Riot Control (CD - 4)
Call all other first order allies to assist dealing 30% less damage. This damage penalty is decreased by 5% for each of the following: First Order allies with advantage, resistance enemies, and debuffed enemies. These attacks cannot be evaded. All allies with Advantage gain health up, defense up, and critical hit immunity, and then they have their advantage dispelled.

Unique - Vanguard of the First Order
First Order Riot Trooper has +25% defense and tenacity while an enemy is buffed. Whenever a First Order ally drops below 75% health, First Order Riot Trooper gains taunt and defense up for 2 turns and reduces the cooldown of Riot Control by 1. At the start of the battle, all first order allies gain offense up for 1 turn, and allied supports gain speed up for 2 turns.


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