Allocate / View Character Gear Requirements in Game

While this game has come a long way in allowing players to manage their gear, I feel like there is room for improvement. One hang up has to do with viewing gear tiers for each character prior to their being unlocked. Another is being able to allocate gear to higher-level tiers before reaching them.

Yes, helps, but it is still a pain to look up which character needs what gear and then cross reference those requirements with the gear in our inventories.

I think it's safe to say that most, if not all players would benefit greatly from being able to (a) view (in-game) the gear needed for all characters' gear tiers rather than only being able to see the tier they're currently at, and (b) to allocate gear to characters they are working on, even if that character is not yet unlocked.

Adding this to the game would help people better manage their character farms and would make dependence on third-party resources less needed.
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