unable to login - Please help

So i started a new acct today.
Got to level 16 (i think) logged off for a while, and went to log back in. The game was created using Bluestacks (not sure if that will make a difference) - Although my other accts are Bluestacks so it shouldn't be.

So. I tried to log in and i get to the google play section. It asks me to 'Play as a guest' or 'Sign in to Google Play' Which i of course tap - It takes me to where it asks for my email, which is auto logged. so i hit 'Continue' It then takes me to the 'Create a profile' which i had already done, but proceed nonetheless - It tells me gamer name is not available and proceeds to give me a choice of others. SO i do that, It tells me 'failed to log in, please check your network connection and try again.' Now, i know there is nothing wrong with my connection as it allows me to login as a new user with the play as guest option. But despite that. I have restarted my router etc.

Any help would be great. Thanks in advance!
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