Jedi Knight Cal Kestis Grand Arena

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I just unlocked JKCK today and was wondering what’s the best 3v3 and 5v5 teams to put him in? I’m assuming some sort of variation of JML? Cheers
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    Best? He goes great with JML.

    But he is often separated off to take out a Malgus squad while leaving you JML.
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    He's best with JML, but you can split him off with JKR, JKL, or even Bastila Shan to make a viable team take down Malgus (as Rokaryn_Mazel pointed out) or an assortment of other teams.
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    His versatility is his best use.

    If you have r9 JML, he can take down JMK reliably without Cal. If you don’t, add Cal to make this possible.

    Cal also works with JML to take down LV teams, which he couldn’t ordinarily do.

    If you need to stretch your roster, you can pair him off with other Jedi. I think in 3v3, he pairs well with Mace under Bastilla lead to take down Malgus (I chose these two Jedi over other options as they don’t have a great home for me in 3v3, and this is a great use for all of them)
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    I like him with JKR lead, Bastila, Barriss and Mace. They beat Slkr for me most of the time (Did some Squad Arena testing). I dont have Hoda reliced, but I think he should replace eithwr Mace or Barriss
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