Cg please change the raids system slightly

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edited November 2023
I think allow any team you like in the raid would be great at lower levels. Like does it really matter if a team like Kylo Ren and first order where to destroy a raid if they capped on damage to the tier 0 for 300k? That still allows your special characters teams to be be played at higher tiers for better damage but then guilds can actually do decent damage. What's the worst, is a player that has nothing special characters list for attempts 3-5. Ends up with 900k? Considering the forth box is 90m alone not exactly breaking the raid.

This could be a cool way to get more interaction use your favorite characters. On new raids without taking a major change to the raids integrity.


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    This wouldn’t push people to farm specific teams, the best of which would be brand new (I.e. Jabba and Krayt raid).

    I’m honestly fine with the raid limiting characters to a set list of factions.
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