I just started playing this game again and i would like to get any feedbacks about my current roster

i followed the phoenix squad-empire and now im farming for geos, ultimately for fleet development and padme. I'm kinda bit lost on what to do and i feel like i might be doing something incorrect with my roster. i also have no idea on what GL to work on, i would appreciate any ideas/advice



  • So far I'd say you're doing well. Phoenix is a good faction, but you will need Captain Rex to make them viable, since he's not accelerated yet he's a slow farm and there's no problem waiting several months till he becomes more accessible (if you do farm him early you won't regret it he completely transforms the squad).

    The empire is an excellent early team and Mara Jade with Palpatine are well worth the resources.

    You're Geos will be important one day to collect Wat Tambor and their ships are typically considered one of the best early ship grinds. A note on ships you'll want to get a head start on these early and especially dark side ships like the Geos. Dark side ships are used for the ability mat ship challenge which will eventually reward you zetas, so don't sleep on ships.

    As for what to farm there's not really a right or wrong way to go about it, just depends on what you want. There are plenty of farming guides on YouTube to give you an idea of where to go but in the end it's about what you want to do to have fun. The best thing to do is to turn to the journey. You're already going for Padme who is an excellent early to mid game legendary.

    I'd say start collecting strong but accessible legendaries first like Padme, CLS (Commander Luke), Darth or Jedi Revan. Don't forget to take time to build up their teams and other non legendary teams along the way. But pick a long term goal to have in mind and slowly work towards like a GL (they often require you to farm specific legendary characters along the way anyway) or a ship like executor or profundity. If you're not sure what GL I'd suggest Jedi Master Luke, Jabba or Leia since they share similar requirements and are easily (for GLs) farmed one after another.

    Okay that was a little long. Anyway the big thing is to have fun whatever path you choose. Don't just listen to some random guy on the forums like me though, check out some of the great swgoh players on YouTube there's a wealth of game knowledge there. Good luck.
  • It looks like your following a similar path as me.
    I think the path is amazing.

    However, I do recommend doing a few minor change ups.
    Here is a screenshot of the Guide I been doing.


    It looks like you did step 1 + 2.
    You sort of skipped step 3 (Grand Master Yoda).

    You already have Ezra + Kanan + Old Ben.
    You only need 2 more Jedi.
    The event is super easy as well so any 2 Jedi can work.

    I would recommend Mace + Qui Gon Jin.
    They both can be bought from the shop so you can get them 7 Star pretty fast.

    Alternatively, you could do what above guide recommends Ashoka + Anakin.
    They just take more time to farm.

    I used Mace + Old Ben + QGJ + Ezra + Kanan to unlock my GMY.
    I won it on 1st try.
    It’s not that bad to be honest.


    I used E.Palpatine + Darth Vader + Royal Guard + Thrawn + Tarkin to unlock R2D2.
    It looks like your using EP + DV + Mara Jade + Thrawn + Tarkin.
    Slightly different vs. what Guide recommends, but still seems Solid.

    Mara Jade is great character.
    I haven’t level her up, yet.
    I plan to level her up in future.


    I finished my CLS this past week.
    It looks like your currently working on CLS unlock.


    Yeah, I think your doing great.

    If you don’t change anything, the path your following leads you to:
    - Executor - A Top Tier Capital Ship
    - Sith Eternal Empeor - A Galactic Legend

    I want the above characters so I don’t plan on changing my path.
    The question is whether or not you want the above characters.

    You could make deviations.
    To give some examples:

    You could swap out team 7 (Bounty Hunters) for (First Order).
    It would put you on a different GL path
    - Finalizer - A Respectable Capital Ship
    - Supreme Leader Kylo Ren - A Galactic Legend

    You could swap out team 7 (Bounty Hunters) for (Old Republic).
    It would put you on a strong Non-GL path
    - Jedi Knight Revan.


    Honestly, everything you have done so far has been pretty noncommittal.
    You need a lot of these teams for events or guild related stuff so you could potentially do what ever.

    But you should start thinking about what Ship + GL you want.
    Eventually, you have to make a decision because the GL paths in this game can be a long grind.
    You don’t want to be on the fence with your GL path.

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  • On the lines of gls:
    you don’t seem to be leaning too heavily toward any, although you do have higher level vader, palp and thrawn, which are all good for SEE. it’s not much of a lead though so you could really just farm whatever gl you like, though probably not one that requires a relic 8+ character if you want. def not one that requires a r9.
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