Leia Organa Tier 2



  • I agree with Potency. That helped me. And absolutely don't use Han's heal. As long as exposes land, Vader comes down pretty fast...
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    It should be hard, it's the whole point of it. Go through emotions while doing it and ofc at the end the reward is a new GL in your roster.

    Strongly disagree. Most GL tiers being trivial leads me to believe CG disagrees as well.
  • I did the event with zero zetas and aditional relics, forget tenacity, go for speed, potency and protection.
    Focus on vader with basics, still not 100% at least with my mods but way better than tenacity mods.
  • Potency is key in this tier. I just went through all the tiers and getting a lot of potency made a huge difference. Getting tenacity doesn't hurt either. And you absolutely need Crit Avoidance arrows.
  • Gawejn
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    I had 3 wins no fight lost. I had some potency on leia some crit chance and full tenacity on han. Both crit avoidance. I think i was lucky. I did some tests after with different mods like going full speed, offense, tenacity or potency and i had different results, sometimes it was easy win and sometimes fight was lost. Easiest wins was with potency but i lost few times too with same mods.
  • Ftwk
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    I won every time with full tenacity sets
  • The amount of different stories of Tenacity v/s Potency is interesting to see.
    Clearly there is a lot of RNG w/ some folks extremely lucky going 3/0 & others having a great many fails.

    After remodding away from Tenacity on Leia to add a bunch more Potency & Crit/Offense I was able to go 3/4 for a total record of 3/11, ugh.

    Then T3 was a joke.
    I heard they all were so didn't remod any further & just ended up failing my 2nd try on Tier 4 which is a major annoyance.
    Clearly there is SOME RNG still in that fight because the videos had them breeze through but on my 2nd Fight Han was down in the low Yellow by the time Wave-1 ended.
    Died towards the end of Wave-2 & left Leia to face Jabba which turned into a slow grind that eventually killed her.

    This GL is proving to be as annoying as Rey was when I had no gear for her after opening & was still trying to do the events for Ultimate.
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