How to get credits

I really need to get credits fast. These are the tables I haven’t unlocked: ships, shards store, scavenger, mod battle, mod challenge, or Championship.
What do I do,I need help


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    1. Galactic War is your best source of credits, complete this every day.
    2. If your guild is doing raids, you can buy credits with the raid tokens from the Shipments screen.
    3. Squad Arena - you can use arena tokens to buy credits if necessary, but I don't recommend this. Ever really.
    4. Mod challenges - In an emergency, you can always farm mods and sell them. When I did this, I would farm 4-dot mods because it was easy to sell them in batches.
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    Bah, lost my post.

    Don't level every character or mod.

    1. Keep only 5 LS & 5 DS characters at max level to use for missions.

    2. Only level mods that have Speed showing at Level-1 (Primary on Arrows, Secondary on the rest)
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