Hey y'all
I need to 7 star all of the ships required for the Finalizer except for the Tie Silencer. What is a good farming method to quickly 7 star the required ships?


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    There is no special trick to do it really quickly.

    If it's available for a currency other than crystals, buy it with that. Some of those shops have random spots that the item isn't there every time, so check the shops over a few days to be certain they are not there.

    Then you have node farming options:

    a. Farm each node for them 5x per day. About 6 months from zero blueprints.

    b. Refresh each node once for 25 crystals per day so you can do 10x per day. About 3 months and 2100 crystals total. You will likely need to also refresh energy with crystals, but that is the first thing you should use crystals for anyway.

    c. Refresh each node twice per day for 75 crystals so you can do 15 per day. 1.5 months and 4200 crystals.

    Most new players could not sustain c, and may only be able to sustain b on one or 2 farms. I personally never do c, as I don't think doubling the cost is worth the extra time saved.

    The final option is the whale option where you buy for crystals from shipments. It looks like they are 100 crystals per blueprint, so 33,000 crystals per ship that you start from nothing on. It will still take some time for the shipment refreshes to happen, but I guess you could also refresh shipments if throwing away crystals is your bag.

    As you can see the 6 months is basically free (apart from not using your energy on other things) 3 months is 31k cheaper than shipments and 1.5 months is 29k cheaper than shipments.

    I don't use my crystals in shipments, except for emergency-GAC-lock-is-today-and-I-really-want-x, other such time pressure things, or if my stash is high enough to feel able to capitlise on any additive or double drop events (about 10k is my point where I might consider burning crystals on the daily deal if it is a good one).
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    OK, thank you!
    So I should refresh each ship's node x2 every day and refresh the required energy each day?
    Does this look right
    Slave 1: Fleet hard battles: x2 refreshes= 50crystals
    Hounds Tooth: Light or Dark Side hard battles: x2 refesshes= 50crystals
    Kilo Rens Command: light or dark side hard battles x2 refreshed=50crystals
    Tie Advanced: Fleet battles hard: x2 refreshes= 50crystals
    Total Crystals per day on node refreshes: 200
    Total Crystals per day on energy refreshes: 400
    Total Crystals total: 600 per day
    I have 8k crystals, so I can only farm for 13 days

    When I say light or dark side, it means I do not remember which one it Is.
    How can I earn enough crystals to maintain this farming method?

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    Each of those 2 refresh per day cost 75 crystals. 25 for the first, 50 for the second. So 75x4=300 on the node refreshes. So 700 per day.

    As I say, it's not really sustainable to do 4 farms at 2 refreshes per day, unless you have kyber GAC plus first in fleet income. Even then, not really.

    First in fleet daily is the only way you could do this. I don't know what your fleet is like, or what your fleet shard top 50 is using.

    It's much more realistic to aim for 1 refresh daily for each at 100 crystals for the refreshes. Just daily income from GAC spread over the month (assuming 50% win rate gets you some end of round rewards each time), plus the usual daily crystals would cover that.
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    Thank you!
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