What would you choose.

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Jar jar binks was never given a canon death and since everyone except me hates him, what would it be? (you sickos)

What would you choose. 8 votes

A lightsaber wound
0% 0 votes
Shot by laser
12% 1 vote
Was assassinated because of politics
12% 1 vote
Old age
12% 1 vote
Fighting the empire
0% 0 votes
Was on the death star
0% 0 votes
Didn't, because he is the true sith lord, Darth Meesa
62% 5 votes
He drank the grimace shake
0% 0 votes


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    If anyone wants give context to their choice for jar jar's demise go ahead, just don't get yourself banned
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  • He tripped and fell. The end
    Sometimes a door is just a door
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