Maz Kanata Kit Concept

Maz Kanata - light side, leader, support, unaligned force user, resistance, scoundrel
Acquired Taste, basic - deal physical damage to target enemy and grant 5% turn meter to random allies for every debuff on target enemy (turn meter gain randomly applies to different allies for every instance)
All are welcome, no fighting, special - heal all allies for 25% of maz's max health, then grant all resistance or scoundrel allies protection up (50%), speed up, and evasion up for 2 turns, when the last these buffs expires or is dispelled, that ally gains criticl chance up and critical damage up for 2 turns - cooldown 3
We must fight them, all of us, special - call all allies to assist dealing 25% less damage, this decrease is mitigated by 5% for each buff on the assisting ally, scoundrel allies gain 25% turn meter and resistance allies gain critical hit immunity for 2 turns - cooldown 3
A good story, for another time, special - dispell all debuffs on target ally, they recover 100% health and protection, gain offense up and advantage for 1 turn, and take a bonus turn - cooldown 3
Pirate Queen, leader - maz's basic ability inflicts ability block and speed down on target enemy for 1 turn, a random scoundrel ally is called to assist whenever maz uses her basic ability, scoundrel allies have +50% max protection, scoundrel allies gain retribution for 2 turns whenever they are critically hit, scoundrel tank allies taunt for 2 turns whenever an ally falls below 100% health, any Chewbacca variant recovers 25% max protection whenever they gain taunt
When you have lived as long as I have..., unique - maz has +50% max health, maz recovers 5% health whenever another scoundrel ally is damaged and gains 5% turn meter whenever another resistance ally is damaged, she ignores taunt and stealth effects on enemies, if the allied leader is an unaligned force user that is not maz Kanata, maz Kanata's effects that target scoundrel or resistance allies will target unaligned force user allies as well
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