IG-12 & Grogu Kit Reveal

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UNIT NAME: IG-12 & Grogu
CATEGORIES: Light, Healer, Mandalorian

Key Attributes:
  • Heal and dispel debuffs from your allies
  • Call allies to assist when using your Special abilities
  • Disrupt enemies by inflicting Blind and Daze

  • Once we heard IG-12 & Grogu in action, there was no way we were naming the abilities anything else
  • We made IG-12 & Grogu a pacifist and a Healer as he really values protecting his friends and is more into stopping conflicts than contributing to them directly
  • We wanted a fun debuff for the enemy side and took the scene where IG-12 & Grogu steal the meiloorun fruit as our inspiration for the animation for it.
  • Grogu, if rendered alone to our game’s scale, would be nearly impossible to tap target on his own. Putting him inside something larger, like IG-12, helps us solve the UI dilemma while delivering a fun moment from the show!
  • It’s Grogu!

Strategy Tips:
  • Team up with Light Side Mandalorians to fully take advantage of IG-12 & Grogu’s Unique Ability
  • All of IG-12 & Grogu’s Healing is based off of his Max Health, so modding for more Health is optimal
  • When paired up with The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor), IG-12 & Grogu gain the Scoundrel tag which opens up a multitude of possibilities under The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor)’s Leader ability


Will this character be required for Bo-Katan (Mand’alor)?
Yes. Yes. Yes. (at Relic 7)
Is his Marquee event going to be this Thursday?
As a Pacifist does he stay around if he is the only remaining unit on the side of the battle?
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Final Text: Inflict Healing Immunity on target enemy for 2 turns, which can't be evaded or resisted, and call a random other Light Side Mandalorian ally to assist, dealing 50% less damage. If it is IG-12 & Grogu's turn, inflict Ability Block for 1 turn, which can't be evaded or resisted, and remove the damage penalty from the assisting ally.

SPECIAL 1: Yes. (Cooldown 2) Unlocks at Tier 1

Final Text: The weakest ally and the target ally dispel all debuffs on themselves and recover Health equal to 30% of IG-12 & Grogu's Max Health. All allies gain Defense Up for 2 turns.

SPECIAL 2: No. No. No. (Cooldown 3) Unlocks at Tier 3

Final Text:Call other target ally to assist. Inflict Blind and Daze on all enemies for 2 turns, which can't be evaded. Dispel all buffs from all enemies and Stun target enemy for 1 turn.

UNIQUE 1:Yes. Yes. Yes. (Zeta, Omicron) Unlocks at Tier 1

Final Text:

If The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor) is an ally at the start of battle, IG-12 & Grogu gains the Scoundrel tag for the rest of battle. IG-12 & Grogu has +100% counter chance. For each Light Side Mandalorian ally at the start of battle (excluding summoned allies), IG-12 & Grogu gains 20% Max Health.
At the start of IG-12 & Grogu's turn, all Light Side Mandalorian allies recover 10% of his Max Health. If they're at full Health, they gain Offense Up and Protection Up (10%) for 1 turn instead. Whenever IG-12 & Grogu uses a Special ability, a random other Light Side Mandalorian ally assists, gaining additional effects depending on the ability used.

Yes.: Assisting ally reduces their cooldowns by 1
No. No. No.: Assisting ally deals 20% more damage and assists again

If there are no other allied combatants at the start of a turn, IG-12 escapes from battle.

While in Territory Wars: The first time each allied Light Side Mandalorian ally loses all Protection, IG-12 gains a bonus turn and the cooldown of No. No. No. is reset. Call an additional other ally whenever IG-12 uses a Special ability and they gain additional effects depending on the ability used.

Yes.: Assisting ally deals 10% more damage and recovers 20% Protection
No. No. No.: Assisting ally gains Critical Damage Up for 2 turns


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